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Hey! Hey, careful man! There's a beverage here! >

(+Bonus mix! YPR Winter Punk Mix '21)

No words, just jams. Get drunk tonight and throw up in a cab. >

(+Bonus mix! YPR Summer Punk Mix '21)
The Flatliners - Inviting LightDine Alone/Rise 2017

Whether the crew is just you or you’re rolling the swells with a mate you call “First” - press play, no shuffle, and bottoms up!>


28-Sep-20 | Categories: music | Tags: yourprivateradio, mix

Here's summer! Here was? summer. It was something. Toots died recently. That was a bummer. There was a lot of shit that was a bummer. There were some good things, though, right? For all the things that have been bad and not good, you just have to say "fuck it" and party.

18-Apr-20 | Categories: music | Tags: yourprivateradio, mix, covid19

A little doom and gloom while dosing in hope and comfort to get out of the darkness. Shit's been really sucking right now with #covid19 but I wanted to put something out that I've been rocking to this spring.

Whatever keeps you moving, do it. Hope this helps a little. >

15-Apr-20 | Categories: news | Tags: caronavirus, covid19, pandemic

With the number of cases and deaths reported soaring across the globe, COVID19 has become a serious pandemic and has started to greatly impact our lives. I started tracking data and keeping a record of timeline personal and big news events. See the timeline and my data charts >


02-Jan-20 | Categories: sport | Tags: strava, garmin, running

2019 was the first year I ran a half marathon! No race, just for fun, the trail along the Aare and me.

02-Jan-20 | Categories: music | Tags: yourprivateradio, mix

This winter, grab some friends, order up a bunch of citywide specials, and throw on a mix.


29-Nov-19 | Categories: music | Tags: yourprivateradio, mix

Fall stalls the calls of winter. And the leaves deceive with the sounds you need.

Hear the sounds of your introspection here >

22-Sep-19 | Categories: music | Tags: yourprivateradio, mix

Here. I made this. Just getting around to giving it to you now. Sorry. They still make a TDK that'll run 75 minutes, right?

Go on. You might like it >

The Hold Steady - Thrashing Thru The Passion

Frenchkiss Records 2019

29-Aug-19 | Categories: music | Tags: theholdsteady, frenchkissrecords, yourprivateradio

Want to try a little twist in the track order? I've been collecting some of the "b/w" singles that The Hold Steady have been releasing over the past couple of years to make my own "guess at the tracks" listing for their new LP.

Check it out >

Your Smith - Bad Habit

Neon Gold Records 2018

20-Jul-19 | Categories: music | Tags: yoursmith, carolinesmith, neongold, yourprivateradio

A summer chill that's so cool, it'll melt your face. Put this one on repeat and fall in love. Read why >

The Current | Atwood Magazine

Listen on Spotify.

Sunflower Bean - King Of The Dudes

Mom + Pop 2019

14-Jul-19 | Categories: music | Tags: sunflowerbean, yourprivateradio

More, just more. Just fucking... give me fucking more! Here's my take on how King Of The Dudes taps your 80s vein in the right way. Read it >

Metacritic 74 | DIY 5/5 | NME 4/5 | Pitchfork 6.9 | Rolling Stone (read this too)

Listen on Spotify.

06-Mar-19 | Categories: music, shows | Tags: sxsw, sxswmusic, yourprivateradio, musicconference, festival

Unfortunately, timing with work won't allow me to take my annual trip to Austin for SXSW this year. I'll miss posting up at the ABP parking lot, hanging out at Friends & Allies and Lazarus, grabbing eats at Hi Hat, and catching some amazing shows.

I know there are more than enough recommendations to go by, but here are some from me >

05-Feb-19 | Categories: education | Tags: redfored, denverpublicschools, teacherstrike, dcta

The negotiations between Denver Public Schools' teachers and central administration have been going on for months without progress. I started paying attention to the strike and negotiation events when things started getting real with potential impacts to my employment. This is a running timeline of events I'm recording. I will continue to update this timeline with information as it becomes available. Read more >


03-Jan-19 | Categories: sport | Tags: strava, garmin, running


Restorations - LP5000

Tiny Engines 2018

22-Dec-18 | Categories: music | Tags: restorations, yourprivateradio

My introduction to Restorations is LP5000. I expect you're eyes rolling and saying "That's horse shit." (cuz LP3 may be better). I understand, so I quickly ordered LP1, 3, and 5000 off Tiny Engines. I should probably buy 2, too. Anyway, Restorations is fucking good. 5000 is fucking good. I associate the sound and mood of 5000 as a cross between NJ anthem and New England emo (they're actually Philly). I pulled up the lyrics and digested a bit more. I uttered a "woh. oh." to myself out loud. The pictures painted through words tell a story more similar to a stage being set than the act about to be played. 4/5 | Pitchfork 7.3 | New Noise 4/5 | Dying Scene 4.5/5

Listen on Spotify.

Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

Caroline Intl 2018

30-Aug-18 | Categories: music | Tags: iggypop, underworld, yourprivateradio

It’s fucked. It’s weird. It’s fucking weird. Put two groups in the same room together, but let them keep their styles without compromise. Teatime Dub Encounters sounds like an after the after-party, late night rager session between friends that picked up some new electronic equipment. Your parents are yelling down in the basement, “It’s fucking 4 in the morning! Shut that shit off before I come down there and smash everything over your fucking heads!” And that’s why it’s good. They let go. Fully. Shouldn’t you? It’s time to get wasted, grab a mic (that’s not connected to anything) in one hand, a bottle of Jack in the other, and jump all over your couches like the wild unleashed animal you are!

Pitchfork 4.7 | Metacritic 65 | CoS C- | Drowned In Sound 8/10 | Guardian 3/5

Listen on Spotify.

28-May-18 | Categories: music | Tags: do303, dostuff, yourprivateradio, freeshows, shows, concerts, skatingpolly, charlybliss

Sign of things to come! Read more >

10-Mar-18 | Categories: education | Tags: jessicalahey, sxswedu, yourprivateradio

In her closing keynote, Jessica spoke about autonomy, competence, and connection as a three way approach to development and achieving "flow". She addresses how parents and teachers need to allow for these experiences to enter children's lives regularly.

Here's my reflection >

28-Jan-18 | Categories: music | Tags: poliça, yourprivateradio

Here is my transcription of the clap sequence for: Poliça - Someway. It's been hard for me to remember and repeat the three bar phrase while just clapping. So, I had to write it down in order to get it and keep it going. Read more >

20-Jan-18 | Categories: music | Tags: bully, subpop, subpoprecords, yourprivateradio

Real. Loud. Raw. Real Loud, Real Raw, and Really Real. Bully's "Losing" is out on Sub Pop records. Its driving, wall-of-sound feel will keep your memory fresh of how good things can be when you finally pull off something big. When it takes so many times failing before finding success, you know it's worth it. Losing feels like something that should be the soundtrack to an entire skate video, played very loud. And you can pick it up while waiting for your flight out of SEA back to BNA and Two Rivers park.

Pitchfork 7.2 | Metacritic 74 | CoS B- | NME 4/5 | Rolling Stone 3.5/5 | DIY 4/5

Listen on Spotify.

Bully - Losing

Sub Pop 2017

15-Jan-18 | Categories: music | Tags: wolfalice, dirtyhitrecords, yourprivateradio

I'm late to the game. Wolf Alice has been playing and touring for quite some time. I've passed them by thinking it's that band that came up on my radar now and again that I can't remember the name of - something "wolf" in it?... Wolf Parade? Wolfmother? Fucking idiot. I'm sure all these bands would be equally ready to make me bite the curb in order to remember their names printed on the disc spines. Wolf Alice is the shark waiting in the murky pool of indie of music. Just enough pop to lure you close to the edge. You can't see what's in the water, so you get down on your chest for a closer look. And while smiling at your own reflection, the shark comes up and bites your fucking head off.

Read more >

Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

Dirty Hit Records 2015

03-Jan-18 | Categories: sport | Tags: strava, garmin, running


07-Nov-17 | Categories: shows | Tags: worriers, thinlips, cheapperfume, lawsuitmodels

Worriers have been on my list for a long time and have frequently popped up on various playlists. When I heard that they were coming to town (and for $10), I thought, "Fucking finally! A show worth seeing in Denver for cheap at a smaller venue was one not to be missed."

Read more >

09-May-17 | Categories: music | Tags: clockwork, musicmachine, wintergatan

10-May-17 | Categories: music | Tags: beggars, fuckedup, queenofhearts

Care to sing along? Read more >


05-Apr-16 | Categories: education, technology, music | Tags: sxswinteractive, sxswedu, sxswmusic, yourprivateradio

Every year, I visit Austin for the SXSW conferences. The first week I attend SXSWedu for work and then roll the trip into vacation for the second week to experience SXSWmusic. During my vacation, I sleep in my car in the parking lot of the Austin Bouldering Project. This year I was grateful to have the opportunity for work to pay for a badge to SXSWinteractive. Here's the presentation I gave to my colleagues to share the experience.

See the presentation >


22-Jul-15 | Categories: climbing, news | Tags: 10rules, 10rulesofclimbing, climbing, climbinglife, climbstrong, loveclimbing

#1 – Fun is number 1!

If you’re not having fun, stop. Even in the training. You need to make sure that even through the work, the want, the will, the fight, you are having fun.

#2 – Just be you.

Remember why you climb. You’re doing this for you. No one else. When you’re up there on the sharp end and seconds seem like hours. When you are outside, just to be outside. Climb because you want to and not because you’re trying to be someone or something else. Do what you want and love doing it.

#3 – Safety third.

We know that it’s always in the forefront of our minds. So keep it there. Don’t let it be the first thing and get in the way of having fun, trying hard, and sending. But always keep it in your top 3. Your top 3 are all equals. They’re just ordered this way.

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06-Oct-13 | Categories: music | Tags: halfmoonrun, yourprivateradio

Here is my transcription of the clap sequence for: Half Moon Run - Call Me In The Afternoon.

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