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123Go! Review: Wolf Alice "My Love Is Cool"

15-Jan-18 | Categories: music | Tags: wolfalice, dirtyhitrecords, yourprivateradio

I'm late to the game. Wolf Alice has been playing and touring for quite some time. I've passed them by thinking it's that band that came up on my radar now and again that I can't remember the name of - something "wolf" in it?... Wolf Parade? Wolfmother? Fucking idiot. I'm sure all these bands would be equally ready to make me bite the curb in order to remember their names printed on the disc spines. Wolf Alice is the shark waiting in the murky pool of indie of music. Just enough pop to lure you close to the edge. You can't see what's in the water, so you get down on your chest for a closer look. And while smiling at your own reflection, the shark comes up and bites your fucking head off.

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Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool. Dirty Hit Records, 2015

My 2017 Strava Year In Sport

03-Jan-18 | Categories: sport | Tags: strava, garmin, running



09-May-17 | Categories: music | Tags: clockwork, musicmachine, wintergatan


10-May-17 | Categories: music | Tags: beggars, fuckedup, queenofhearts

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10 Rules of Climbing

22-Jul-15 | Categories: climbing, news | Tags: 10rules, 10rulesofclimbing, climbing, climbinglife, climbstrong, loveclimbing

#1 – Fun is number 1!

If you’re not having fun, stop. Even in the training. You need to make sure that even through the work, the want, the will, the fight, you are having fun.

#2 – Just be you.

Remember why you climb. You’re doing this for you. No one else. When you’re up there on the sharp end and seconds seem like hours. When you are outside, just to be outside. Climb because you want to and not because you’re trying to be someone or something else. Do what you want and love doing it.

#3 – Safety third.

We know that it’s always in the forefront of our minds. So keep it there. Don’t let it be the first thing and get in the way of having fun, trying hard, and sending. But always keep it in your top 3. Your top 3 are all equals. They’re just ordered this way.

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