123Go! Review: Bully - Losing

20-Jan-18 | Categories: music | Tags: bully, subpop, subpoprecords, yourprivateradio

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Real. Loud. Raw. Real Loud, Real Raw, and Really Real. Bully's "Losing" is out on Sub Pop records. Its driving, wall-of-sound feel will keep your memory fresh of how good things can be when you finally pull off something big. When it takes so many times failing before finding success, you know it's worth it. Losing feels like something that should be the soundtrack to an entire skate video, played very loud. And you can pick it up while waiting for your flight out of SEA back to BNA and Two Rivers park.

Pitchfork 7.2 | Metacritic 74 | CoS B- | NME 4/5 | Rolling Stone 3.5/5 | DIY 4/5

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Bully - Losing

Sub Pop 2017