123Go! Review: Restorations - LP5000

22-Dec-18 | Categories: music | Tags: restorations, yourprivateradio

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My introduction to Restorations is LP5000. I expect you're eyes rolling and saying "That's horse shit." (cuz LP3 may be better). I understand, so I quickly ordered LP1, 3, and 5000 off Tiny Engines. I should probably buy 2, too. Anyway, Restorations is fucking good. 5000 is fucking good. I associate the sound and mood of 5000 as a cross between NJ anthem and New England emo (they're actually Philly). I pulled up the lyrics and digested a bit more. I uttered a "woh. oh." to myself out loud. The pictures painted through words tell a story more similar to a stage being set than the act about to be played.

Punknews.org 4/5 | Pitchfork 7.3 | New Noise 4/5 | Dying Scene 4.5/5

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Restorations - LP5000

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