123Go! Review: Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

30-Aug-18 | Categories: music | Tags: iggypop, underworld, yourprivateradio

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It’s fucked. It’s weird. It’s fucking weird. Put two groups in the same room together, but let them keep their styles without compromise. Teatime Dub Encounters sounds like an after the after-party, late night rager session between friends that picked up some new electronic equipment. Your parents are yelling down in the basement, “It’s fucking 4 in the morning! Shut that shit off before I come down there and smash everything over your fucking heads!” And that’s why it’s good. They let go. Fully. Shouldn’t you? It’s time to get wasted, grab a mic (that’s not connected to anything) in one hand, a bottle of Jack in the other, and jump all over your couches like the wild unleashed animal you are!

Pitchfork 4.7 | Metacritic 65 | CoS C- | Drowned In Sound 8/10 | Guardian 3/5

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Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

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