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Forty-one! XLI, a sum of two squares, the largest Euler lucky number, Mozart’s longest and last symphony, and the telephone number prefix of my favorite country to visit. All the things to make you believe that getting older is when things start getting better.

This mix isn’t tied to a season, but more of a sign of the times. Lots happened over the past year, but I was finally able to find my way back to getting tracks together that have been on heavy rotation since my bday in February.

As John Samson once told me, “Keep pulling!” The ship is aging, but she’s still cranking out trips around the sun and the captain doesn’t seem to be giving up anytime soon. Although I think he’s learned that he prefers a life of sailing the seas single-handedly, it wouldn't be possible without all his amazing close friends ashore. Just as not all who wander are lost, not all who are alone are lonely… or some shit like that.

Whether the crew is just you or you’re rolling the swells with a mate you call “First” - press play, no shuffle, and bottoms up!

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(There are bonus tracks at the end, don't shuffle. And I'm definitely doing liner notes for this one... maybe. Stay tuned!)

Side A:

  1. “Run Away" - Tycho,

  2. “Holy Roller” - Emily Wolfe

  3. "Your Loves Whore" - Wolf Alice

  4. “Weird Fishes” (Radiohead) - Lianne La Havas

  5. “Drag My Body” - Hot Water Music

  6. "I Like the Way You Talk About the Future" - Sam Roberts Band

  7. "One Too Many Mornings" - The Chemical Brothers

  8. "Troubled By The Way We Came Together" - Natalie Imbruglia

  9. "Pouring Beer in Your Ear (The Beer Song)" - The Flaming Lips

  10. "Liver Alone" - Chris Cresswell

  11. "Accident Prone" - Jawbreaker

  12. "Little Something" - Melody Gardot, Sting

  13. "SUNRISE (feat. Arlo Parks)" - MICHELLE, Arlo Parks

  14. "Private Radio" - The Bouncing Souls

Side B:

  1. “Be Around Me (feat. chloe moriondo)” - Will Joseph Cook

  2. “Say My Name” (Destiny's Child) - Young & Sick

  3. "Cold In The Summer" - Dan Mangan

  4. "Making Friends" - Lagwagon

  5. "Pay Your Way In Pain" - St. Vincent

  6. "Olympia, WA" (Rancid) - Molly Tuttle

  7. "Back to the Lake" - Guided By Voices

  8. "Soup" - Blind Melon

  9. "Definition" - Black Star

  10. "Valentine" - Shades Apart

  11. "Back in School" - Low Cut Connie

  12. "You Don't Know How it Feels - Home Recording" - Tom Petty

  13. "Bastards of Young" - The Replacements

  14. "Blue in the Face" - Alkaline Trio

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